Gimp for Windows 10 Free Download – Step by Step Guide!

Gimp for Windows 10 Free Download – Convert your favorite images in black and white, resize them, create different effects, etc. You can create many tasks with a single action that will help you save time. Once you get to hang with the layers in GIMP, creating original artwork starts and ends with your skill levels.

If you really love processing or editing your images, Gimp is definitely for you. Because creativity is incomplete without the right skill and tools for the same. GIMP is open-source software that is similar to Photoshop.

Gimp for Windows 10 Free Download

GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free graphics application you can use to create and edit your favorite photos. With the use of a paintbrush in Gimp, you can draw your own pictures. You can draw freehand, by using the Paths Tool to create lines and also adjust their positioning.

GIMP is often used as free software for the most popular Adobe Photoshop, but it is not made by an Adobe Photoshop Clone. You can use the GIMP in many types of file formats such as bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and GIMPs is its own format is XCF.

Gimp for Windows 10 Free Download [ Step by Step Guide ]

GIMP is free software, through which you can change its source code and distribute your changes. No matter if you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist GIMP helps you with a sophisticated tool to get your work done.

Gimp for Windows 10 Free Download

Free of Cost

Obviously and most important benefit is you don’t have to pay anything to download GIMP. Simply it is available free of cost.

Small storage

The GIMP takes 20X smaller space than Photoshop, it’s the best option when you have limited space on your hard drive. It is perfect image editing software for netbooks, laptops, etc.


Gimp is amazingly fast and stable as it is optimized for all hardware running Mac, Windows, UNIX, etc. However other software like Photoshop is not optimized for all and will be slow.

User friendly

The physical layout of the screen of GIMPS is similar to Photoshop but it is customizable and flexible to fit your requirements.


GIMP is small enough moreover, a portable version is also available to load on your USB thumb drive to pick and go and edit anywhere or anyone’s system you like.

Free of cost upgrades

GIMP is not only free to download but its up-gradation is also free of cost. Whereas software like Photoshop software cannot be updated without paying something.

Saves time

Of course, systematic work will certainly help you to save your precious time. The saved time you can use for more productivity.

Requirements to Install Gimp On Windows 10

1. Windows 7/XP or newer to run the latest stable version of GIMP.

How To Install Gimp On Windows 10

1. Download the GIMP installer through the link

2. Run the GIMP installer and find it at the location you saved it to. By default your Downloads folders.

3. Follow the prompts to install GIMP, you can leave the setting at the defaults.

4. Select which file formats you want to associate with GIMP.

5. Finish the installation after selecting the file formats GIMP will install. It may take a few minutes.

6. Enjoy the GIMP to make your photography excellent.

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Wrapping it up if you are looking for a 100% free open source application GIMP is the right choice. It does everything of a professional quality application that Photoshop does such as layers, channels, filters, masks, and more but free of cost. Download it today if you really want to improve your creativity.

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