CCleaner for Windows 10 Free Download ( Step By Step Guide )

CCleaner for Windows 10 – Are you struggling with the slower speed of your PC? CCleaner is the best software for you it collects all unused files. As the unnecessarily occupied the space in your PC and makes your PC slower and slower.

CCleaner for Windows 10 Free Download ( Step By Step Guide )

CCleaner displays the list of unnecessary files and recommends you delete the same. Once you choose to delete the listed files the CCleaner wipes clean temporary files, cookies, the history, super cookies, the autocomplete form history, indes.dat.files, etc.

CCleaner for Windows 10 Free Download [ Step By Step Guide ]

CCleaner is developed by Piriform, is a utility program that is used to clean the unwanted data. The unwanted data includes internet files, malicious programs and code tend to reside. CCleaner is trusted by millions of users around the world. It is easy to use as a beginner can optimize their computer in seconds.

Why is CCleaner for Windows 10 is important?

  1. Complete the cleaning across multiple users with a single click.
  2. Keeps system and browser monitoring
  3. Provides scheduled cleaning
  4. Auto-update always have the latest cleaning definitions
  5. Priority email help
  6. First notification of updates, special offers, and beta programs.
  7. Manage windows updates.
  8. Set alerts
  9. Complete account security.

Advantages of CCleaner

Fastens Your Computer Speed

You can delete all unnecessary data with the help of CCleaner. The CCleaner suggests all unimportant files and takes your suggestion to delete the same. Once you delete the unnecessary data the speed of your computer will become fast.

Safer Browsing Experience

The advertiser and websites track your activities online with cookies that stay you your computer. It deletes your browser search history cookies so that in all internet browsing you do stays confidential and your identity remains unidentified.

Lessens The Errors And Crashes

Sometimes your registry can become mixed up with errors and broken settings which lead to crashes. CCleaner enables out all clutter and makes your PC more stable.

Quicker Startup

There are many programs that run silently in the background as you start your PC. CCleaner helps you to start your work by letting you disable unwanted programs.

Helpful For Your Family And Friends

If you want to do the help of your family and friends CCleaner is easy to lend. As a helping hand when they need you the most. You can keep their computer running fast, safe, and up to date.

Convenient Cleaning No Matter Where You Are

Save your time and efforts by transforming troubled PCs from your browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can set up your account and different devices to your account by mail and then analyze clean, defrag, install and update from wherever you like.

System Requirement To Download CCleaner for Windows 10

Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Size of the file 9.94 MB

Steps To Download The CCleaner for Windows 10

1. Download the installer by clicking the link and confirm that you want to download the file by clicking the download file.

2. Run Installer
Once the download finishes, click run to start installing CCleaner.

3. Follow the instructions
Simply you need to follow the instructions and complete your CCleaner install.

Now you have done the job!

Read More:

The CCleaner is available in three versions the free version is available with the features of a faster computer and privacy protection. The professional version of CCleaner provides both the features of the free version plus real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automatic updates, and premium support.

The professional plus 4-in-1 Bundle provides all the features of the premium version plus disk defragmentation, file recovery, and hardware inventory. Let’s have a look at your requirement and choose the version which is appropriate to your requirement.

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