Bonjour for Windows 10 Free Download [Step By Step Guide]

Bonjour for Windows 10 Free Download: Bonjour helps you to set up a network without any configuration. You can find printer and file-sharing servers through it. Its services are a general method to find services on a local area network. This software is used on Mac OS, Windows and iOS devices.

The main purpose of designing Bonjour is to locate the Apple devices on a single network with a single router. But it became an important tool for network administrators dealing with IT Consumerization.

You can call Bonjour with another name i.e. Zero-configuration networking, enables automatic discovery of devices and services on a local network by using the industrial standard IP protocols. Bonjour helps to make it easy to discover, publish and resolve network services with a sophisticated easy-to-use programming interface that is easily accessible from Cocoa, Ruby, Python, etc.

Bonjour for Windows 10 Free Download

Bonjour for Windows 10 Free Download [Step By Step Guide]

Bonjour offers Zero Configuration Networking

The Zero Configuration Networking is a synonym to Zeroconf which is a practice that allows connected devices to configure themselves automatically. This networking removes the human intervention step from the device-identification network configuration.

It also enables to connect the many devices to a network immediately become accessible to all other connected devices. Remember Zeroconf doesn’t entirely automate anything in the network configuration. You need to handle all the advanced settings like inter-device file sharing, security setting, and Wi-Fi configuration.

Library sharing of home and work network

If you want to configure a home or a work network for inter-computer data sharing, it can be a typical process as due to a minor oversight you cannot work on a simple data transfer.

Bonjour facilitates devices connected to the same network running the iTunes software to share media libraries with each other automatically, forgoing the need to configure a networking group to share media. The service only works when both devices are running the iTunes program, and doesn’t actually copy over any information- it streams from another device.

Printer Configuration and automatic install mandatory drivers

If you uninstall Bonjour your computer doesn’t affect, but you may have to see a problem when you try to print something. Your computer cannot find the printer and you have to use a USB printer to print something.

As to get a network printer you need a network device that is able to communicate with multiple devices and cannot rely on.

Bonjour is a perfect solution to handle the printer’s basic network configuration and lets every computer know that the device is connected to the network. Bonjour is able to work with Windows update and determine the printer as a connected device and automatically install mandatory drivers.

How To Use Bonjour for Windows 10

The Bonjour networking technology facilitates the sharing of a printer on your local business area network. This technology was created by Apple and will allow the employees to locate and connect to resources on your network. The Apple Safari Browser is automatically installed in the Bonjour.

1. Check if Bonjour is installed and running on the operating system. Click Start and write Services.msc into the search bar.

2. Click services from the results list to open the service window, scroll down the list of services until you will see the Bonjour service. The word started will display in the Status column if it is installed and working fine.

On the other hand, if the status column is not showing anything or empty right-click on it and select Start from the pop-menu. If the Bonjour service is not in the service list, download it from the Apple site. Double click the Bonjour installation file and follow the instruction for the installation of the service.

3. Click Start and then All Programs and select Bonjour print services click Bonjour Printer. Wizard to open the Bonjour Printer Wizard windows. The list of available shared printers will appear in the shared printer’s box.

4. Select the shared printer you want to use and click Next.

5. Click Finish on the completion of the Bonjour Printing Wizard window when the printer is automatically configured and installed. No matter if Windows doesn’t have the driver for a printer in the driver library, you need to manually select its model number and name of the manufacturer.

6. Select the printer’s name and its model number and manufacturer name in the box. Choose Generic /Postscript in the Manufacturer box, if you don’t know the printer’s manufacturer and model. If you have the printer’s installation disc, click Have Disk and insert the disc into your computer.

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7. Click next and wait for the configuration process and click finish at the completion. Congratulations now you have successfully installed the network printing option on your PC. Bonjour for Windows 10 Free Download

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