Amazon Error Code 5004 – Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

The reason behind the occurrence of Amazon Error Code 5004 is:

  • Undependable network connection.
  • Use of VPN or Proxy server.
  • Use of firewalls on the network on the system device.
  • Antivirus or other security software that is installed.
  • Cookies that are corrupted and the remaining cached data.
  • Use of Amazon Prime Video app without updating.
  • No problem with the Amazon Prime app.

Amazon Error Code 5004 – Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

Amazon Error Code 5004 - Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

What are the steps to fix amazon error code 5004?

To ensure that the internet connection is stable:

  • Due to the instability and unreliability in the internet connection, the amazon error code 5004.
  • Can be occurred. Sometimes, the internet connection may be unstable and slow which leads to the occurrence of amazon error code 5004. Hence if the error occurs, the user must be sure about the stability of the network connection.
  • So initially, the user must check the access to the internet connection whether it is via router or data connection.

The Proxy, VPN, Firewall, and other non-paid antivirus security software must be uninstalled:

The connection issue may occur due to the VPN, proxy, firewalls, and antivirus software present in the system device. Issues like trafficking and rerouting may be an obstacle to getting access to the servers by the use of a VPN and proxy.

However, the use of a firewall and various antivirus programs can block the network connection by leading to the failed sign-in process. Hence, disabling these programs which lead to blocking the programs can easily resolve the issue letting you sign in easily to the servers.

To clear all the cache and cookies from the browser:

At the time of installation of the app on the device, the cached data and cookies may serve as a cause for the occurrence of the amazon error code 5004. Likewise, in case if the data is corrupted due to the virus or malware issue, will lead to a problem with the ongoing process.

Thus, they must always clear the cached data and cookies of the browser which is in use. Hence clearing all the cache and cookies will help to handle the corrupted data and the user can easily now sign in to the account without any kind of interruption.

To uninstall and reinstall the Amazon Prime Video App:

The error is independent of the device which is used to access the Prime account. The issue may be raised due to the Amazon Prime app because of its outdated version or if the app is not installed properly.

To resolve this issue, the user simply can remove the app and again reinstall it in a proper manner. After getting the updated version of the app, the user can install the application.

To check whether the user’s Amazon Prime Account is active or not:

After performing all the steps, if ever the error occurs then the user must ensure that his/her Amazon account is active or not. The user must use the account with proper subscription so to avoid any issues.

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The simple way the user can use is to restart the application and again operate it step wise accordingly from the initial step or else some of the solutions are mentioned above which can be used by the user to deal with the issue.

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