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Do you know about website?

If not this article is very useful for you. It contains all about this website that lets you know to enjoy the cross-play engine with your friends as well as other Minecraft players.

You can play Minecraft smoothly on PS4, and Nintendo Switch using website. Simply you can use your devices to play Minecraft with your friends through this website. Minecraft Login

You can smoothly play Minecraft on PS4, and Nintendo Switch. If you want to play on any non-Microsoft device you need to register and create a login id. site ensures smooth playing Minecraft. Minecraft Login

Steps to setup Minecraft Cross-Play on your PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

  • Visit the Nintendo shop on your PS4 console.
  • Search for Minecraft and click on download Minecraft switch.
  • Enter Minecraft PS4 and click to download Minecraft for PS4.
  • Now register for the Microsoft User account.
  • Go to the Minecraft home screen on your device and click for sign-in.
  • Click on the link and you will be taken to the login page to the remote connection.
  • Note the 8-digit activation code this code is required to activate your account on the AKA MS Remote connect website.
  • Visit
  • This can be used from Windows/Mac or your phone browser.
  • Type the code on your console screen.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the login process.

What errors can cause problems you might face in http// Error?

Once you try your Microsoft account you might face a http//aka-ms/remote connect error. Minecraft has moved to the Microsoft platform. The website offers lots of excellent facilities, for the people who love to construct things. Usually, this error occurs on Nintendo, PS4, and other devices as well. Minecraft Login

  • When game data got corrupted

Game files play a vital role as it is used by multiple users. Corrupt data of a game creates lots of issues in your game. You need to check the type of game data problems using your device.

A computer user can easily fix this issue. Reinstallation can quickly fix this issue but cannot work in the long term. Sometimes saved files can be corrupted too. It can cause issues when you try to open the current maps. So take regular backups to avoid this issue.

  • Use of different devices

Minecraft is a crossplay service to its users. So you can use a single account on different devices. In case you change the device it can create issues in playing the game. The issues can be like unable to sign in and software too can glitch or create problems. So the basic issue is a change in the device.

What to do when the http// connect Error occurs?

Fixing connect error is easy by simply entering the code on the console screen to gain access. Here are the simple ways to connect the error from in Minecraft.

  • Brute force method

Minecraft error code is visible on your PS4 account. If your Microsoft account is new then you have to try several times. The error code will be visible once you sign in to Microsoft. Visit the Microsoft Code Access Page and bookmark it through your phone or computer.

Now open the Minecraft error message and write down the code. Copy and paste the code on Microsoft on another device. After entering the code you need to access Microsoft and visit the Minecraft store.

  • Create a new Microsoft account

Once you change the device and face any issue this might occurs due to the Microsoft account. The Microsoft account conflicts which you use on Xbox may conflict with the PS4.

For the safer side create a new Microsoft account even if you are an old user of the same. By using the remote access function you can easily fix the Error. You can download Minecraft texture packs through the Minecraft Store to fix this issue. It is the most reliable way to remove remote connection error.

  • Delete the corrupted file
  1. Go to the setting
  2. System preferences
  3. Storage
  4. Game saving

You will see two Minecraft game data files you need to delete two-game files to start over. Follow the below-mentioned steps.



The problems with Nintendo MD/remote connect switch can be visible only on the PS4 console. I hope the above-mentioned guide helps you to avoid the issues in accessing Minecraft Remote Connect.

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